Saving money on service charges

We are all happy to hear that the government is taking steps to begin to open the economy up. This means that money will start to flow through small businesses and into more pockets as wages start flowing again. We still have a bit of time before things get up to full speed. It isContinue reading “Saving money on service charges”

Saving at the check-out: Maximizing your shopping dollar

We all know from our growing cases of cabin fever that there is not much to do in quarantine. One of the few outings that we make is to go shopping for this weeks ration of food and household supplies from your favourite retailer. Many people may see this as just a regular responsibility withContinue reading “Saving at the check-out: Maximizing your shopping dollar”

“Is the CERB for me?”

Lately, there has not been a whole lot of good news in the world. Ranging from the spread of COVID-19, the economic standstill of the world economy, the price war of oil adding fuel to the fire of the melting economy, and most recently – the terrible mass shooting in Nova Scotia. Please pause forContinue reading ““Is the CERB for me?””

Opportunity and Impulse: The perfect storm

‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’ ‘When the going get’s tough, the tough get going…‘ Some people may read these general life quotes and instantly think, ‘Oh no! Another optimist – RUN!!!’ Well, I say – Yes and No… I’m both and optimist and a realist. This is a heck of a way toContinue reading “Opportunity and Impulse: The perfect storm”