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About this site:

Welcome to The Budget Doctor, a personal finance planning and education site, blog, and community that is here to support you in a changing financial world! We recognize that financial education is one of the least talked about subjects ever, but personal finances are one of the most important aspects of everyday life. It is this imbalance that we intend to impact. We are here to bring you content, tips, and solutions that you can incorporate for short and long term financial improvement. We also are going to keep you up to date on the economic impacts that influence your budgeting decisions to help you make the best choices possible. Finally, we are going to connect people to people in a judgement free way to learn from each other and work towards better financial futures for all.

The people behind the magic…

Dustin Weihs: ‘Dr. D’

I’m Dustin (aka Dr. D), the Budget Doctor, and I’d like to introduce myself. I am a Doctor of Business Administration from Capella University specializing in Finance and a Licensed Financial Adviser in Ontario.

When I’m not saving the world from financial chaos, I teach Finance, Accounting, and other business courses at both Durham College of Applied Arts and Technology and Trent University in Ontario, Canada.

Before moving to Canada from the United States, I spent nearly 14 years in various Financial Services and Business Management roles, including Branch Management, Client Relations, Credit Analysis, and Consumer and Small Business Lending.

All this adds up to me having a very strong professional and academic background to make simple sense of a crazy financial world for you!

Sahar Modirzadeh

Hi, I’m Sahar and I’m glad you are here. A little about me, I hold a Master of Business Administration Degree from Universiti Putra Malaysia specializing in Finance.

Before immigrating to Canada, I worked nearly 8 years in management roles spanning procurement, purchasing, and commodities exchange for a large multinational company in Iran, dealing with small and medium sized businesses and supply chains in Europe, Asia, South America, and North Africa.

In other words, here on The Budget Doctor, I bring big businesses impact on personal finances into perspective. I also highlight the importance of working with small and medium sized businesses in a recession economy. Oh, and I’m kind of the Social Media mastermind of the operations, be sure to follow us!

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